Ostin Fam is a visual medium aficionado and aspiring storyteller. His work seeks to elevate underserved narratives, but rather than attempting to capture the existential pain that comes with underrepresentation, he tries to hone in on the specifics of experience.

Fascinated by how we carry our history with us, he created a portrait series, Received Displacement, exploring Asian diaspora in the United States. His senior thesis, short/cut, follows a young Vietnamese American teenager debating her next hair style, and in the process she is forced to confront generational and cultural concepts of beauty. 

This notion of cultural fluidity has become a focal point in his work; how we reconcile our identities in different lands with different customs.

Born and raised in Vietnam, Ostin Fam attended Wesleyan University where he earned a BA in Film Studies and a minor in East Asian Studies. In addition to graduating with high honors, he was the recipient of the Steven J. Ross Prize, awarded to the best senior film thesis.

Ostin is a member of Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective and a recipient of IFP Marcie Bloom Fellowship in Film.


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